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Retreat Revelations

I wanted to share my experience of attending the retreat (Nov 2014). I have returned…

Forbidden til Christmas?

Yesterday I was having a chat with my friend about Christmas She said 'One of…

My job

Hi all, I know that i've been asking for a lot of your support recently…

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As an experiment I have decided to try all the different classes on at my gym. Last night was aqua, which I adored. And a year ago I wouldn’t have put a swim suit on. Nothing to do with losing weight, just deciding to not care what other people thought anymore. Being a bit brave changes your life, not losing weight.

The sessions are fully tailored to you as an individual which enables you to talk about your own particular needs and the specific foods you enjoy eating. Audrey is warm and understanding and will encourage you to experiment with new ideas whilst supporting you through difficulties. I have found the sessions invaluable as it enabled me to talk about the emotional side of overeating and also the practical side of choosing new, healthy foods. I feel confident that Audrey has given me the tools I need to experiment with adjusting my diet to fit in with my own ideas of what constitutes practical and healthy.

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