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My job

Hi all, I know that i've been asking for a lot of your support recently…

Jamie's Beetroot chocolate cake

http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chocolate-recipes/chocolate-and-beetroot-cake/ The link is above - it's gorgeous and I'm going to be making it…

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I no longer spend evenings uncomfortably full and regretting what I have eaten, or hungry and deprived whilst dieting. I’m free of the tyranny of the diet industry and from my self-imposed dieting and food miseries. And have I lost weight? Yes, two stone so far, without counting a calorie, syn or point, without giving up chocolate, or fresh bread and butter, or cheese, or a good bottle of wine. the Psychology of Weight Loss changes lives.

Now, I make sure that I have a nice selection of my favourite goodies to choose from. Having the wonderful ‘secrets’ of eating mindfully and stopping at enough, eating whatever I want, anything at all, (no need to be jealous of people who eat what they want and don’t get fat!) means that I can too if I focus on my delicious self! This has been life changing and such a precious gift.

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