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  • These days I treat myself with respect and love, and I’m learning to accept myself exactly as I am. Slowly but surely I’ve started to lose weight.
    Teresa Hill
  • I have never before felt this level of choice and control around food and, as a result, my self-esteem has soared, giving me the happiness and energy for life I...
    Louize Edinburgh
  • As an experiment I have decided to try all the different classes on at my gym. Last night was aqua, which I adored. And a year ago I wouldn't have...
    Jayne Driver
  • One of the things I most love about the Psychology of Weight Loss is going food shopping. In my dieting days, it was so stressful. Compiling a list from 'allowed'...
    Gillian Liversedge
  • I went back to my GP last week. My blood pressure has dropped and she could hear, listening to me, that my whole attitude has changed and I was a...
    Lynda Berks
  • I no longer spend evenings uncomfortably full and regretting what I have eaten, or hungry and deprived whilst dieting. I’m free of the tyranny of the diet industry and from...
    D Merriman Yorkshire
  • I had a light-bulb moment – the more I jump on the scales, the less it works. Now I’m getting lighter. More importantly still, knowing I can trust my body...
    Claire Oldham

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Our forum is a safe and honest space where we talk about what it’s really like to fail at the diets, feel obsessed with food and weight loss, binge and comfort eat and much more.

Here’s what our members are currently talking about …

I opened a box of chocolates after dinner…

… and had 4, then realised I wasn’t even hungry, I was just eating them because they were there, and because I felt as though I deserved a treat after a hard day at work.  I would normally have had a few more at that point, as I would feel like I might as well carry on, but I decided just to stop :)

Enough is enough!

I’m ready to value myself enough to trust myself.

I’m not seeking a quick fix. AT LAST! I have years of dieting behind me.

I eat a lot on “maybe”

Convincing myself that a bit peckish is classed as hungry. (Then feeling guilty and disappointed in myself after). What I find helpful, if I remember or choose to go with it, is ‘if you’re not sure whether you’re hungry or not, then you’re not’

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