Beyond Chocolate is a community created by and for women.  Our work is open to all people who self-identify as a woman. Our courses are not open to people who identify solely or primarily as men.


We acknowledge that by creating a community and programme specifically for women, we are adopting a binary approach to gender identity and that this does not reflect the lived experience/non-binary reality of gender for many people.


While we wholeheartedly welcome gender neutral participants at all our workshops, retreats and online courses, we are acknowledging the parts of us that identify as female in much of our work.  We also see that our community does not yet reflect the diversity of our society and we are open and committed to deepening our knowledge and understanding to bring about change in line with our values and principles.


And we stand by the need for an all women community to explore our relationship with food and our bodies at this time in our cultural development given the issues arising for us all living in a patriarchal culture and the damage it does to us in terms of the assumptions it makes about gender.


We aim to create a container in which you can feel able to explore your stories without fear of damage from certain kinds of learned male behaviours such as misogyny and the privileged taking of space. 


It is every persons responsibility to decide whether Beyond Chocolate  is right for them.  Any person wanting to explore their relationship with food and their bodies in a gender neutral context is invited to talk to us about any implications, concerns or questions with the intention of working together to ensure a positive and welcoming experience.  


We mostly use female pronouns, and due to our binary approach to gender in this work we do make assumptions of female identification.  We use the pronouns she/her in most of our work and the collective terms sisters and women.