EveryBODY deserves...


And by nourished we mean: joyful, tasty, guilt and shame free, peaceful, fun and surrounded by people who get it.

* While not everyone celebrates Christmas, we are using it here to represent the celebrations and feast days that take place at this time of year. Everyone is welcome.


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Tune In, Own Your Body and Move!


The Festive Season, at the best of times can be challenging to say the least. This year, more than ever, we are going to need support, resilience and flexibility to make it through.

You can have a Truly Nourished Christmas, where what you eat and how you feel about your body does not take up all your headspace. We are going to need that for all the other stuff that's happening as we head in 2021.


Support yourself every day with a 10 minute guided tuning in and mindful movement  practice + 1 action a day (posted on FB, Instagram and sent to you via email) and join Sophie and Audrey for a dose of connection, motivation and support on Sunday mornings; 20th, 27th December & 3rd January.

Surround yourself with people who get it!

Sundays 20 & 27 Dec and 3 Jan

From 10.30 - 11am


10 minute daily guided practice + 1 action a day + 

Live on zoom on Sundays 

to connect with like minded people, ask questions and practice in good company



Surround yourself by people who get it...

You are not alone 




"I just thought I would let you know how differently I have felt about Christmas this year.   Normally I would have approached it with fear and trepidation knowing that I would eat far too much, put on loads of weight and be miserable for months. But this year everything changed. 

It sort of caught me by surprise. It started when my friend offered me food when we met for a pre-Xmas coffee. It took me ages to realise that I didn't take her up on the offer of a chocolate, or a biscuit, or a mince pie NOT because I didn't want to appear greedy BUT because I just didn't fancy one. Amazing!


When it came to Christmas dinner, I didn't eat the left over roast potatoes, or scrape out the cream jug, not because I was being "good" or saving myself for cake later but because I didn't even think of it. I didn't even think of putting them in my mouth.


And now its New Year's Eve - a year ago there would have been nothing "tasty" or "special" in the house by now. We would have been on slimming rations. But NOT this year. There is still Christmas cake, mince pies, cream, biscuits for cheese, cheese, home cooked gammon, chocolate and lots of other yummy food - all within its eat by date. If we fancy it we will eat it, if not it will go to the birds...or the dog..or, as a final resort, the bin.


Beyond Chocolate has completely changed how I think about food. I am really enjoying it but I'm not scared of it any more and I don't feel controlled by it. Here's to a new Beyond Chocolate year!.”  Margaret


“I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to Christmas. Finally I was able to enjoy the food, the company, the celebrations without feeling guilty and driving myself crazy trying to be good and then stuffing my face. It was so helpful to remember I could pause and tune in at any time. I often noticed I was reacting or just being mindless and was able to switch that round. It’s the first year ever I haven’t gotten to January feeling bloated and rubbish and desperately searching the internet for a diet to start next week! Thank you so much!” Claire M

“Thank you so much for your support through this Christmas - I am feeling very different this year, less caught up and confused...not SO obsessive…It’s been a very helpful step in my journey and has made everything easier.” P.K.B.