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Food & eating coaching and

Open Floor movement practice

Audrey Boss

Feasting and dancing our way to a saner world. 

I have been working as an anti-diet, mindful eating, body neutral coach for 20 years and teaching mindful movement and dance since 2015. I am experienced, skilled, and approachable, supporting you with humour and kindness every step of the way so you can eat and move in ways that feel good and lead a truly nourished life.

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I teach people to eat and move in ways that feel good

I am co-founder of Beyond Chocolate, an inclusive, supportive community of anti-dieters offering everyBODY a welcoming refuge from Diet Culture and body shaming. I’ve written 2 books  on how to unhook from Diet & Exercise Mentality and free ourselves from the food and weight obsessive culture we live in.

As a teacher of Open Floor movement practice, I am passionate about cultivating awareness through the moving body. I offer workshops and group programs blending the Open Floor and Beyond Chocolate approaches exploring themes such as body image and overeating with movement, enquiry and creative exploration.


Individual & Group Coaching

As a Food & Eating Coach working with the principles of Beyond Chocolate, I’ll teach you how to be your own Diet* guru and support you to trust your body so that you can feel confident in your food choices and move your body in ways that are enjoyable and sustainable. 


One step at a time, I will guide and support you to going from “stuck” to unstuck so you can have the nourishing and joyful relationship with food and your body that you deserve.


I specialise in: Diet culture recovery, anti-diet eating, eating disorder recovery, weight neutral coaching, redefining healthy eating, recipe brainstorms, menu planning, family food, .

Mindful Movement Sessions

Open Floor movement practice is mindfulness on the go, with great music and a teacher to guide you through it.  Think of it as the rock ’n’roll of mindfulness.

‘Moving not exercise' is my mantra...my individual and group movement sessions and groups are the perfect antidote to punishing exercise plans and lifeless fitness apps. Come for the joy of moving your body and build self awareness, agility, emotional resilience and body confidence while you’re at it.

Open Floor movement practice is for everyBODY - regardless of fitness, ability, size, age, gender and race. 


mySELF is a 10 week course blending Open Floor and the Beyond Chocolate approach focusing on body image. 




Coaching with Audrey was so amazing. She helped me focus on foods I like and would nourish my body and mind. She was understanding and non judgmental and with her guidance I planned my eating and meals to fit around my work schedule and lifestyle. I am at the beginning of my ‘non dieting’ journey and Audrey has given me the confidence and belief that I can enjoy food. Thank you Audrey, I now have much more clarity on how to approach my eating. I feel so empowered and ready to take on the challenges and enjoyment the Beyond Chocolate approach has given me.


I wanted to say how supportive and effective I've found being part of your ongoing group. I joined when I felt really stuck and gradually 'unstuck' myself! It's so very helpful to work within a group but to also get the individual support needed. Without these sessions I've no doubt I'd still be where I was before!


I would recommend the coaching to anybody stuck in a rut with the same old recipes, or anybody who thinks they’re too busy to eat well. Ironically it actually works best when you’re manic. When I don’t plan, I don’t end up eating what I want but make do with the same old things. This is when binges occur. Working with Audrey organises you in a way that is flexible and helpful.


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