Work with Audrey - Book & Pay

If you can afford to pay the full rate, you are making it possible for me to offer a workshop space at a reduced fee or pro-bono to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access this work. As a woman running a small business with a social justice mission,  I am undercapitalised. I do not have access to funding or credit available mainly to men and corporations. By paying the full fee, if you can afford it, you are contributing to economic justice and actively dismantling the patriarchal systems that keep women small and disempowered. Thank you to Kelly Diels for inspiring this.

How to pay - Instructions

Select what you'd like to pay for by ticking the relevant box(es) below (make a note of the total cost) then press the BOOK NOW button.  This will take you to my PayPal payment page. Click on "Send", enter the total amount you are paying and press continue to complete your payment. To pay by BACS or arrange for different payment options, please email

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