If you are considering or already working with the Beyond Chocolate approach and want more tailored support, I offer individual coaching to help you put the Beyond Chocolate principles into action. We'll work together to undo the beliefs and unhelpful behaviours keeping you stuck so you can make peace with food and your body. 


I'll be supporting you to find solutions and strategies that fit your unique needs, preferences and life circumstances and showing you how to use the Beyond Chocolate tools and principles so that they fit into your life in a way that is sustainable and doable. You'll understand what you are truly hungry for, how to have a nourishing and satisfying relationship with food and how to respond to the challenges of everyday life in ways that are kind, compassionate a respectful so that food and weight obsession are no longer the only option. My coaching is firmly based on anti-diet, weight neutral and Health At Every Size principles. 

All new clients are required to initially book a free 20 minutes phone or video session. I work remotely via Zoom or Skype and locally in London NW3.



These ongoing coaching groups are for anyone who likes the idea of working with other committed people on the same journey, with regular check-ins and access to mentoring at a quarter of the price of individual coaching.


The bonus is the learning you get from hearing other people’s experiences and ah-ha moments and connecting with people who really get it. Rejecting Diet Culture is easier to do in good company because this is not a personal issue, it affects all of us. Belonging to a group of like minded people who are putting the Beyond Chocolate approach into practice to feel freedom and peace of mind in how they eat and feel in their bodies makes it so much less lonely...and more fun. 


We meet online every month for an hour. Minimum commitment 2 terms. I have a waiting list and new coaching groups starting regularly. Please get in touch if you’d like to join the waiting list and receive more information on joining a group.



Discovering Beyond Chocolate ten years ago changed my life for good. I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been and embarking on a whole new chapter as a Facilitator in Training. Come and join me on the Beyond Chocolate Twitter account where I campaign against diets and spread body acceptance