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for everyBODY

"The social pressure to modify our bodies sends a powerful message: you are not good enough.
The body becomes a site of political importance: a place where inequalities of
sex, gender, race, disability, age, and class are reinforced."

Clare Chambers - Intact

When do I feel at home in my body?

What circumstances, beliefs and forces keep me stuck and disempowered?

How can I move with and through privilege and discrimination?

How do I define beauty and hold myself to these standards?

How do I want to move in the world?



We live in a world which is not inclusive, respectful or empowering towards everyBODY

Diet & Wellness Culture and the systems of oppression they are rooted in, keep us stuck in a never ending cycle of shame as we compare ourselves to the "ideal" body… and always come up short. We learn to hunger for the elusive, perfect body and give ourselves a hard time for being too much and not enough.


This dance between longing and shaming, privilege and discrimination, shapes our entire lives; the way we eat, the way we dress, the way we move, our self esteem and mental health, our relationships, our jobs, our leisure time.


(em)BODY blends the Beyond Chocolate mindful approach to body image with Open Floor mindful movement and social justice education element. You are invited to come together in a community of practice to explore Body Confidence from the inside out, one step at a time.

(em)BODY workshops and online groups are for all women and non-binary people.


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(em)BODY Workshop
Embody Confidence From The Inside Out
29 October 2022


The Monkey House
97-101 Seven Sisters Road
London N7 7QP

(em)BODY is a one-day workshop for women and non binary people opening up a space to unpack, explore and move with the personal and political stories, cultural narratives and systems of oppression that keep us small and stuck.


We will spend the day in movement and enquiry, befriending our bodies and resourcing ourselves so that we can show up fully in the world. As we practice including all of ourselves and others on the dance floor, we build the skills, capacity and resilience we need to move with more confidence in our everyday lives. With good music and great company.

The work we do at (em)BODY is both profound and joyful. You are warmly invited to come and move, rest, connect and grow in a community of like-minded people.
It is a day to come together in movement and explore embodying confidence from the inside out.


You are welcome whatever your age, size, shape, colour, ability, stamina and creed. (em)BODY is movement for everyBODY.

You are invited to move as much as your body can and wants to.

Cost: Full £150 - Reduced £40

(em)BODY Online Practice Group
Wednesdays from 8-9.15pm BST

Embodying confidence is a practice, there is no magic quick fix. As we explore new ways of moving with our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions, we start to move differently in our everyday lives. With good music and in good company. This practice group is for those who  want to move with like-minded explorers. Sessions combine guided movement explorations and free dance, creative enquiry, some time for rest and opportunities for sharing with others in the group. EveryBODY is welcome. Joining in from the comfort and privacy of your home means you can choose how and how much you show up. You can be on your feet moving, in a chair swaying or rocking it in bed. On or off camera. All of you is welcome.

Wednesdays from 8-9.15 PM (BST)

7, 14, 21, 28 September & 5, 19 October

Drop In: Full Fee: £15 / Reduced: £5

6 Week Practice Pass: Full Fee: £78 / Reduced Fee: £20

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A fantastic way to weave movement into your life, especially if like me, you find it difficult to uncouple movement with the diet mentality.

I have spent many years in talking therapy, but interacting with my body has helped to move from a feeling of being stuck. I've been able to connect with the wisdom of my body.

There is a sense of peace and belonging to a community of like-minded women that is truly powerful. And the music is pretty good too!


I just loved everything about it. I love how there is the opportunity to check in with yourself, no pressure to move and I have loved how inclusive it has been. I’ve definitely developed greater movement confidence and I wonder if there is a connection between this and feeling more confident to move in general since I started this group. Mel


Audrey holds the group in a gentle wave of love, combining her knowledge and skills as both an Open Floor teacher and anti-diet warrior in a way which encouraged spontaneity and an inner exploration of the participants own relationship between diet culture and self esteem. It was profound and possibly life changing.”


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