Are you a Guru?

From the moment we decide to go on a diet and decide to adopt someone else’s idea of how we should be eating, we surrender our natural sovereignty over our bodies to the Dieting Gurus.

And what’s wrong with that? Well, two things:

Firstly, that we are following someone else’s idea of a diet suitable for us and secondly, that we have (probably) never met that person and they don’t know anything about us.

And there are so many.

They abound in books, on the television, radio, internet, apps and in our homes and workplaces – often self-proclaimed, often without any qualifications, and yet they claim to know what’s best for us.

The choice is bewildering and many of us sit at the feet of many Gurus in our dieting days. I remember one Guru advising followers to drink a couple of carbonated drinks before eating as that would fill us up so we would eat less.

Another advised brushing teeth if we wanted to eat between prescribed meals. One will suggest taking a bath, ringing a diet-supporting friend, using special food, special plates, all manner of gadgets. Taking a different route home to avoid that bakery or sweet shop. All of these are around dodging food and denying our hunger and ultimately, as you probably know, these don’t work. When has being full up ever stopped me from eating?

The first couple of mouthfuls after brushing teeth tastes pretty horrible, but after that, the taste-buds readjust and all restraints are removed. I always find having a bath makes me hungrier and I always dieted alone – I didn’t want some sanctimonious person checking up on me in the name of helping!

In fact, the only person who knows each of us well enough to be our own Guru is ourselves.

For so long the dieticians, nutritionists, diet books, bloggers, celebrities, influencers and doctors have proclaimed themselves our ‘experts’. They’ve told us what, when and how much we should eat and, in turn, we tell ourselves that others must have all the answers.

In fact the truth is that we know best – we are the only ones who have the answers to these questions. You are the only expert in you. Beyond Chocolate will help you to ask the right questions so that you come up with answers that are tailored to you.

And, of course, tuning in helps. The more we get to know ourselves, the better we can advise ourselves on what’s best for us. Certainly keep a weather eye on the latest advice from health and dieting Gurus, if only to be reassured that working with Beyond Chocolate is the best decision we ever made!

Above all, trust yourself.

Listen to yourself.

Find out all about yourself.


Gently observe.


Tune in.

Do it YOUR way.

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