Are You Ready To Stop Dieting? Quick Quiz

Would you like to live A Truly Nourished Life?

Our course is not right for everyone. It's probably not the right course for women who just want to lose weight or stop overeating. It’s the right thing for you only if you are ready for it.

Because if you are, then it will change your life. But if you’re not, then it will just be a waste of your time and money and we will have offered you hope for nothing.

So, take a moment to ask yourself the questions below. Score yourself one point for each yes.

  1. Are you really desperate to stop overeating?

  2. Do you hate the way your body (or parts of your body) looks most of the time?

  3. Does deciding what to eat feel like a minefield every day?

  4. Do you sometimes feel like a hopeless case?

  5. Do you think about food (almost) all the time?

  6. Would you give just about anything to stop obsessing about food and your body?

  7. Would you say you are heavier now than when you went on your first diet?

  8. Have you tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World or other diet clubs more than once or twice?

  9. Are you prepared to do something that takes a little time and effort to get what you want?

  10. Are you a little worried about finding out what’s at the root of your struggle with food?

  11. And are you willing to find out anyway?

  12. Are you open to receiving support, guidance and encouragement from kind people you don’t know, but who really understand and care?

  13. Are you willing to commit to this process and to yourself even when the going gets tough?

  14. Are you open to another approach to getting what you want, an approach that doesn’t promise weight loss?

  15. Are you prepared to put your weight loss goals on hold for 40 days? You don’t have to give up on wanting to lose weight. We believe in every woman’s right to decide for herself about her body, you just have to be willing to take what we call a weight loss holiday while you are on the course. OK?

So how did you get on?

If you scored more than 10 then we’d love to welcome you on the course. If not, our approach is probably not right for you, so please don’t waste your time or your money. When you are ready, we will still be here. And you'll be as welcome as you are today.

This is how we are different from the dieting industry

We don’t just want people to sign up so that we can make money. We are not a business which cares more about the bottom line than we care about our clients. We care about empowering women, passionately.

Of course we want to make a good living, even a great living, but that’s different from being greedy for profit. We know that when people who are ready for the no diet approach are bold enough to dive in and have a go, they never look back. If you are one of those people…

Welcome to A Truly Nourished Life!

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