Body Confidence is Personal AND Political

It's not your fault if you don't 'love' your body

There’s this insidious narrative in Wellness Culture that we should be doing whatever it takes to change our mindset and feel more positive about how we look.

It’s this idea that somehow, if we just put in the work and try hard enough, we can miraculously shift our perception of ourselves and feel just dandy, whatever body we’re in.

That’s easy to say. Reality, for many of us, is quite different…

For those who don’t look like the “ideal” body - typically white, thin, groomed, able-bodied, feminine and young (and that's ALL of us, because we will all get old at some point) - loving, or even liking, our bodies isn't that simple, however hard we work to change ourselves.

It’s not easy to “love your body” and strut your stuff in the world when the colour of your skin, the shape, the size and the outward appearance of your body means you are objectified and stigmatised and constantly find yourself in spaces that don’t value and accommodate people like you…

That's why I talk about Body Confidence, rather than body positivity or loving your body.

Body Confidence is knowing that you will be welcomed and included - wherever you show up and whatever body you happen to show up in.

It is about educating ourselves and each other and dismantling the narrative of Wellness & Diet Culture and the “ideal” body... where we are always too much... and not enough.

It is about supporting ourselves with practices and in communities that help us befriend the body and experience this welcome and inclusion in the first person.

Body Confidence is a muscle that we grow. It's about being able to welcome and include ourselves, first and foremost so that we can extend that to others and change the narrative - from the inside out.

We do that by opening spaces to unpack, explore and move with the stories, cultural narratives and systems of oppression that keep us small and stuck.

It's personal AND political.

(em)BODY is a workshop and online group where all women and non binary people are welcome - whatever your age, size, shape, colour, ability, stamina and creed.

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