Eat More Move Less

Like everything else in Diet Culture, the Eat Less, Move More mantra has been debunked by science. Many studies have concluded that dieting is associated with long-term weight gain. What we’ve been told for the past 50 years just isn’t true.

That’s not to mention the clearly established connection between dieting and disordered eating. If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with how that goes…we manage to eat less for a while and push ourselves into more fitness and exercise regimes. Getting more and more obsessed with food and less and less motivated to move. And then willpower runs out and we end up overeating and stop moving altogether.

I remember it well. Doing really well for a while, forcing myself to eat soulless salads and squeezing myself into lycra to go slog it at out at the gym. Then the salad bags rotting in the bottom of the fridge while I stuffed myself with donuts and the gym membership card gathering dust in a drawer while I zoned out on the sofa in front off a screen.

That was 30 years ago. Eventually I discovered that when I practiced eating MORE and moving LESS, my relationship with food and my body tuned from fraught and punishing to balanced and nourishing.

And that’s what a truly nourished life is all about.


Instead of eating less, we’ll show you how to eat MORE…

Eating MORE in tune with your body’s needs so that you have fewer cravings.

Eating with MORE awareness: going from mindless to mindful eating.

Eating with MORE ease and less food obsession.

Eating with MORE freedom and peace of mind, feeling less shame and guilt.

Eating MORE of the foods you enjoy - so you can stop eating food you don’t even like.

Having MORE choice so you feel less indecision and anxiety around food.

Experiencing MORE balance in your relationship with food so there’s less inner turmoil. That feels good after years of not knowing what to eat and hopping from one fix to the next.


What if instead of pushing yourself to move more, you could discover ways of moving your body that are...

LESS goal oriented. Allowing yourself to be more interested in the act of moving itself. More mindful. More embodied. More in connection with your body and the vitality that comes with that. LESS bothered by the outcome. Invested in the process.

Making it LESS painful. Moving is easier when it feels good.

Moving with LESS stress. Having less of that in life can only be a good thing.

Exploring LESS punishing ways to move your body, inviting more joy.

Finding LESS shaming movement practices. So many exercise and fitness programs are body shaming, fat-phobic, racist and gender discriminatory. Did you know there were many others where everyBODY is welcome?

Moving in LESS structured ways so that you can invite more freedom. Look at children playing. What would it be like to move like that?

Becoming LESS obsessive about exercise, or lack of, and aiming for more flexibility and resilience instead.

The eat less, move more myth can go take a hike. I’m done with that. I’m sticking to feasting and dancing my way to a saner world where we all get to feel good about how we eat and how we move. move.

If you’re reading this, it's likely that EAT LESS, MOVE MORE hasn’t worked out for you.

Why don’t you join us?

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