I'm tuned in...what now?

So, I've tuned in and I'm aware of sensing the floor, cold beneath your feet, that I'm feeling grumpy and I'm thinking about tinsel – what do I do with that information?

Well, nothing actually.

What tuning in does is gives me a chance to reconnect with myself rather than giving me information I need to do something about. Stay with me.

Let's tune in again.

This time I can feel tension as stiffness in my shoulders, I'm are feeling slightly sick and I'm thinking about those gorgeous shoes I promised myself I would buy when I am thin.

I would point out gently to myself that feeling sick is physical sensation – and have another go at how I'm feeling?

Ok. I’m feeling cross.

Excellent. I remind myself that I can buy those shoes now – that they will look fabulous now! Buy the shoes!

I keep on tuning in...gathering information.

I like tuning in as a way of noticing when I’m overeating and a way of reasoning from cause to effect – I find it helps me.

For example, I’m aware that I’m eating and I’m not hungry so I tune in. Hmm. I’m aware of a slight throbbing headache over my left eye. I’m feeling anxious and I’m thinking about all the things I meant to have done by the end of today. Which I haven’t.

Of those three, the feeling anxious is the one that helps me to realise why I am reaching for the food and now I can choose whether I eat to soothe that feeling or whether I let the feeling run its course and eventually give way to another feeling.

I have learned that no feeling lasts very long. (Editor’s note: if you so wish, click on this interesting post by Tiny Buddha to find out more about feeling awareness…Basically echoing that no feeling lasts forever!)

What will you discover when you tune in?

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