Joining the Beyond Chocolate Facebook Group


This is a long post! Maybe make a cup of tea, get comfy and dive in.

We’re talking about diet talk, language, being your own guru, the diet mentality and more.

As the founders of Beyond Chocolate we would like to say a few words about what this community is about for us.

We created the Beyond Chocolate online community to provide a dedicated space for those who are experimenting with the Beyond Chocolate approach across the world. This page is specifically for anyone who is doing or has read our books, done one of our courses or been on one of our workshops. It replaced, quite some time ago, the forum which used to be housed on our website.

The Beyond Chocolate approach is resolutely and unapologetically anti-dieting.

Our aim is to put the attention where it is most helpful which is on our relationship with food and our bodies, and to move the focus away from weight loss. We have, since day one, been militant about our drive and ambition to empower women to know and trust their bodies and to step off the weight loss treadmill.

What we teach here is how to have a balanced, relaxed relationship with food and our bodies.

We know that many of you land here desperately wanting to lose weight. There’s nothing wrong with that. We were there ourselves 20 years ago. And we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that focusing on the size of our body doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for health, it doesn’t work for self worth, it doesn’t work for confidence… it doesn’t work for anything in the long term. If you’re here you probably know that too. Weight loss is not the goal or the solution.

This group is for you if you are ready to park any weight loss goals for a little while...

In favour of developing a perspective and a set of skills that will support you to stop yo-yoing from one diet/healthy eating plan to another and all the overeating that we do in between. We’re not saying it’s wrong to want to lose weight, we can’t make ourselves stop wanting to be thinner, however hard we try, it’s just that weight loss is definitely not the focus here and there are so many pages and places where it can be and is discussed at length.

The Be Your Own Guru principle remains paramount, which is why we welcome anyone who shares our values and we have always been supportive of each one of us finding our own way.

No rules. No absolutes. And we are and will always will be 100% anti diet. So being your own guru means making Beyond Chocolatier work for you in whatever way you like. You are free to do whatever works, that includes diets or restricting what and how much you eat. What isn’t helpful is posting about diets or programmes that you are trying on the Beyond Chocolate page, even if they work for you.

Women come here to seek refuge from diets.

So while it’s fine to use any tools in the world for yourself, we ask that you use this Beyond Chocolate page primarily to talk about and get support with, ideas and encouragement with the Beyond Chocolate principles as you explore and transform your relationship with food and your body.

For the past 20 years we have challenged the dieting world and the medicalisation of our eating.

For reasons that you can read about on our blog and in our books, we choose not to view or describe our eating through a medical lens with or with medical language, for example, we have always talked about overeating and throwing up rather than binging and purging. We want to move beyond the eating disorder labels to a greater understanding of each person’s unique experience.