Moving or exercising?

What feelings (if any!) does the word ‘exercise’ arouse in you?







It is a fact that gyms across the country see a rise in membership at certain times of year (like January!) and it’s equally certain that many of the people who take out those memberships don’t attend regularly for the whole year they’ve paid for.

What about the word ‘move’? How do you feel about that? Is it a less emotive word?

To my mind it is a more open word than ‘exercise’. Exercise invariably conjures up images of lycra and special trainers, equipment that looks like it has been seconded from a medieval torture chamber and lots of sweat and effort and the depressing realisation that I’ve got to come back and do this again and again and again ….

Move on the other hand seems a gentler word; more in tune with what many of us would rather do and this is why it is one of the Beyond Chocolate Principles.

Move covers everything from chasing falling leaves in the Autumn to jogging, from yoga to kangoo jump boots (look them up, they’re fun!).

Fun is a key element of Moving

Fun is what keeps us moving. Most of us are not going to keep doing something that we don’t enjoy – however disciplined we are, if something else crops up at a time when we have scheduled our 45 minutes on the running machine at the gym, we are likely to choose the something else and suddenly our exercise routine has gone by the wayside. Again.

Move means exploration...

What is it that we like to do to move our bodies?

Do we like to race the dog to retrieve the ball we threw (yes, I know the dog always wins, but it’s great fun!)?

Do we like swimming?

Do we like cycling around a park or roller-skating on a rink?


Why not join a Bollywood dancing troupe for a trial session?

Why not walk somewhere and count the number of people wearing hats as you walk to your destination?

and fun!

If it helps, think about all the things you enjoyed doing as a child



Dancing round the sitting room to favourite songs?

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