Stepping out of Diet & Wellness Culture

I'm done with falling in line and feeding the money machine that profits from

selling us solutions to problems we don't have...

How about you?

The problem with Diet & Wellness Culture is that it pushes us

to be externally referenced.

A lifetime in Diet Culture teaches us to tune out.

We fall in line and outsource decisions about what to eat, what to wear, how to move, what to say (and not say), what to buy, who to hang out with and what to believe.

We learn not to trust ourselves... and look to others for the answers instead.

When we dare to step out of line and trust ourselves - to follow our hungers, our desires, our appetites, our values - we are actively challenging systems of oppression and otherness. I want to live in a world where I think for myself.

It's easier to do that in good company, and with good music to move to.

In a space where everyBODY is trusted and valued.

Come join us, you don't have to step out alone

(em)BODY is a workshop and online group where all women and non binary people are welcome - whatever your age, size, shape, colour, ability, stamina and creed.

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