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A humanistic and embodied approach for clients who struggle with eating, food and negative body image

Add a leading edge to your work...

Sophie and Audrey Boss bring together two decades of experience of humanistic psychotherapy, mindfulness, coaching, teaching and movement.


With this training you can integrate The Beyond Chocolate principles into your practice, an approach which has been endorsed by the British Dietetic Association and is aligned with Health At Every Size.

Support Your Clients

This professional training which  gives you the experience, understanding, framework  and materials to integrate a non-diet philosophy and the Beyond Chocolate principles into your work with clients. 

Who It's For

The Professionals' Training is designed for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, health & fitness practitioners, working with people who struggle with disordered eating and body image issues. 

Walk The Talk

By walking the talk, exploring your own relationship with food and your body, you will be in the best position to guide your clients to a truly nourishing relationship with food and their bodies.


Be The Change

We know that as professionals the best way to guide and support our clients is to do the work ourselves first. They say we teach what we need to learn the most. If your own relationship with food and your body is not as satisfying or empowered as you would wish it to be, this professional training is the perfect opportunity to work on your own eating and body image challenges as you learn to guide others towards a nourishing  balanced relationship with food and their bodies.

The training will provide you with the insights, materials and knowledge to integrate Beyond Chocolate into your work with the confidence that you are providing a pioneering approach, recognised today by most health professionals as the best way forward to manage food and body image issues. We have been working in this area since 2000 and today the culture and social climate couldn’t be more ready for this way forward.

Our professional training is suitable for psychotherapists, counsellors, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses, bodyworkers, personal trainers, coaches and other professionals who want to empower others to transform their relationship with food and their bodies and feel good about the way they eat and they way they feel in their bodies.


Come Away With

  •  A manual full of information, practical exercises and activity ideas for working with your clients.

  • The confidence that you can communicate and support a viable approach to a truly nourishing relationship with food and body confidence to your clients.

  • The skills and tools to support your clients to make long-lasting changes in a way that is both positive and sustainable.

  • A flexible, customisable and creative framework giving you the freedom to express this learning in your own, unique way and integrate it into your existing work.

  • A personal experience of the Beyond Chocolate. The focus of this training is both personal and professional. 

  • A deeper understanding of your own relationship with food and your body.

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What professionals say about our training

"After this course I feel more confident in dealing with clients. I thought it was really well thought out. I felt we were very well looked after. Engaging, funny, thought provoking and very, very practical. I learned through both listening and doing. You made it a very safe space to explore which was really important. Other workshops from different organisations haven’t always had this ‘magic’ to them!"


Sarah Turner 



Five Day Residential - Puglia, Italy

Module 1

The 5 day residential retreat takes place at Casa Terossa, our enchanting retreat venue set amidst the olive groves of Puglia, one of Italy’s most breath-taking regions. We will be inviting you to take time out from your every day life to fully experience the nurturing and care which is at the heart of Beyond Chocolate.

Rather than focusing on the nuts & bolts of each principle, which you will have covered in depth on the Online Course Pro (see below), Sophie and Audrey will support and guide you to taking full ownership of the unique values and vision that make Beyond Chocolate the empowering and effective offering it is. 

We will put Beyond Chocolate into action, taking it onto our plates, at the kitchen table. Each delicious and nourishing meal an opportunity to deepen and consolidate your understanding of the approach from an embodied, first hand perspective.

With daily mindful movement sessions, group work, solo time for integrating  – and perhaps a dip in the pool – these five days offer precious time for connection with yourself and with your fellow trainees.

Dates: 22-29 June 2021

Online Course

Module 2

The 17 lessons of Online Course contain all the Beyond Chocolate teachings you need. You will submit Lesson Logs detailing your experience and reflections on each lesson, both from a personal and professional perspective, beginning to integrate both in your thinking. You will receive personal feedback, supporting you to develop your knowledge and understanding.

Start anytime
Study at your own pace
Allow 2.5-4hrs per lesson


To be completed by June 2021.

Weekend Workshop

Module 3

Module 4

These two non-residential training days with Sophie & Audrey will focus on the practical aspects of integrating the Beyond Chocolate approach into your work. We will look at next steps and guide you to creating your own vision to bring this work into the world. There will also be time for reflection on your personal journey and the pleasure of reconnection and exchange with your peers.

The Practicals

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th November 2021

10am - 4pm

Venue: London TBC

Case Study

Module 4

You will be encouraged to take as much time as you need to practice integrating the Beyond Chocolate principles in your work and to submit a written case study.  You can choose to work with individual clients or to run a course or a workshop.  Your written reflection is an opportunity to demonstrate your professional skills and bring together everything you have learned.

To be submitted within 12 months of completing the training, giving you plenty of time to integrate and practice.


Required for certification



Training Costs

From £200 per month

The total cost of training includes:


The 6 day residential retreat

The 2 day non-residential training

Supervision and feedback on your written work

The Beyond Chocolate Professionals Manual

All materials

The price includes the residential retreat with 6 nights accommodation, all meals & materials. The total cost for the training depends on the accommodation you choose on the residential retreat – prices start at £65 per night with everything included. You will find detailed costs in the application form.


Ways to Pay

A deposit on acceptance and the balance 2 months before the start

Whole fee upfront on acceptance 

In instalments over an agreed number of months on acceptance 

Bursaries & Scholarships

We offer one bursary place on each training (30% discount)

And one full scholarship on each training (taken for 2021)



Jade Clark, Dietitian Training Facilitator-Obesity MEND Programme Co-ordinator

"I have found the Beyond Chocolate approach particularly helpful for helping clients to build self awareness, for those who are ‘fed up with dieting’ and looking for ‘something else’ and to help focus on other aspects of health and wellbeing other than weight loss outcomes."

Emily Cheyne, Sports Psychologist 

"The course is well structured, well presented and a total eye opener. For anyone with clients who have issues with food (and those who don’t) this course gives you the training tools & confidence to help your clients and support them to make their own choices. Full of energy. Loads of real eye opening moments. AMAZING!"

Sarah Turner, Hypnotherapist

After this course I feel more confident in dealing with clients. I thought it was really well thought out. I felt we were very well looked after. Engaging, funny, thought provoking and very, very practical. I learned through both listening and doing. You made it a very safe space to explore which was really important. Other workshops from different organisations haven’t always had this ‘magic’ to them!

I would recommend this course to other professionals because it is a refreshing way of working with clients to help them move beyond their issues, at their own pace, in a way that they can find interesting, enlightening. It was very enjoyable personally too.

Marcus Gottlieb, Psychotherapist

"One of the best courses I’ve ever been on, perhaps the best. Got quite a few personal insights and a practical road for the year ahead. Impressed by how much was covered in a way that was very digestible."

Emily Macintosh, Family Practice GP

"I can't wait to put some of the principles into practice. My GP practice!"

Jan Giles, Eating Disorders Counsellor

"I found this training very useful in working with clients who have disordered eating. I have learned about my own relationship with food as well as tools to help my clients"


"I would recommend this course to other professionals because it can only enhance your practice. Gives you some very sound and workable tools and debunks many ‘untruths’ that are de rigeur at the moment."

Maria Kilkenny

"The course was well paced and well structured. I would definitely recommend it to others. It does what it says on the tin. It gives people option and license to experiment wit what works for them."