I, the participant/member, agree to participate in this course (either online or attendance workshop/retreat) and Beyond Chocolate (‘Beyond Chocolate’) agrees to provide this course on the terms and conditions set out below:

General Obligations

1. I understand that this approach is informative and educational and not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for psychotherapy, professional medical or other therapeutic advice in any way. Further I acknowledge that each individual’s success depends on his or her history, dedication, desire and motivation.

2. I understand that the approach may involve physical, mental, intellectual and emotional activity, including exercises that may tax my physical, intellectual, mental and emotional capacity. I understand and acknowledge that my participation in Beyond Chocolate’s course/membership is purely voluntary and that at all times I am free to choose not to participate in any or all of the activities. I acknowledge my responsibility for exercising my own judgment and discretion in choosing what, if any, parts of the course/membership I participate.

3. I acknowledge that Beyond Chocolate and its officers, licensees and representatives are not doctors and are not dispensing medical advice in any Beyond Chocolate course/workshop/membership activity. I understand that only my personal doctor and/or therapist can advise me concerning any issues that may arise as a result of my participation. I take responsibility for consulting with a medical doctor and/or therapist prior to participating in the course/becoming a member concerning any known or potential physical, mental or emotional condition, which I have or may have, and to ask for medical or therapeutic permission to participate. I accept the risk, of any physical or other injury, illness or conditions that may befall me, and hereby release Beyond Chocolate and its officers, licensees and representatives from any liability, relating to my participation on the course or as a member of the community (subject to paragraph E(2) below).

4. I authorise Beyond Chocolate and its officers, licensees and representatives, to take any reasonable steps on my behalf in case of any physical or other injury, illness or condition I might suffer during a course. They may but are not obliged to apply emergency first aid, engage physicians of any kind, nursing services, ambulance services or any other services or personnel deemed reasonable or necessary in their discretion and judgment. I knowingly and voluntarily release Beyond Chocolate, its officers, licensees and representatives of and from any liability, claims, suits and damages including without limitation costs arising out of the engagement of such services and/or personnel on my behalf (subject to paragraph E(2) below).

5. I acknowledge and agree that, other than as expressly set out in Beyond Chocolate’s course/membership description, I am fully responsible for organising and funding all arrangements relating to my participation in the course/membership, including without limitation internet access, telephone charges, refreshments, travel and accommodation.

6. I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and accept these terms and conditions. Further I have answered all questions provided to me by Beyond Chocolate (including without limitation those contained in the Participant/Member Questionnaires) completely and honestly and have not withheld any information. My general health as far as I am aware, is good. I agree to notify Beyond Chocolate immediately should my answers or health change.


1. I agree to be punctual in my participation on the course/workshop/retreat (and each part thereof) in accordance with the timings set out in the course/workshop/retreat description and understand that it is important to be punctual for my benefit and that of Beyond Chocolate and other participants.

2. If I am late for a course/workshop/retreat or part thereof, the course/part of the course will still end at the agreed time for that session and I may be denied entry.

3. If Beyond Chocolate begins a course/workshop/retreat or part of a course late, Beyond Chocolate may extend the time the course was due to finish.

4. I acknowledge that, should I choose a course/workshop/retreat with telephone support sessions, in order to ensure Beyond Chocolate is available at a time that suits me, I will book sessions in advance rather than from week to week.

5. I agree that the cost of telephone calls are in addition to the fees charged for one to one telephone sessions and group telephone seminars.

Payments, Refunds and Cancellations

1. I will make all payments relating to the course/workshop/retreat fees in the instalments and at the times set out in the relevant Beyond Chocolate course/membership description. Failure to do so may result in me being prohibited from participating in all or part of the course.

2. Should I wish to cancel my participation in any one to one session (face to face, Skype or telephone) I will telephone the facilitator concerned no later than one week before the session to inform her of my wish to cancel the session. I understand that I will be charged for a session cancelled outside this deadline.

3. In relation to workshop/courses/retreats, provided I cancel in writing within 14 days of booking the workshop, I understand that Beyond Chocolate will refund workshop course fees in full. If I cancel after the 14 day deadline I understand that Beyond Chocolate may, at its discretion, transfer me onto to an alternative course date (of the same value). I will pay an additional 10% administration fee to Beyond Chocolate for the transfer. Beyond Chocolate will not refund or transfer workshop/retreat/course fees if I cancel later than 14 days after my initial booking. I understand that if I do not attend one or more sessions of ongoing workshop courses, the workshop course fees for the session(s) I miss are not refundable. I understand that if I book and pay for a place on a workshop/retreat which is taking place within 14 days of the payment and booking date, I waive my right to a refund and I cannot cancel my place on the course. Beyond Chocolate will not refund any monies paid for the workshop/retreat for cancellations made after the 14 day cancellation period.

4. I agree that the online course fee is non refundable once I have downloaded or listened to the digital material provided in the online course lessons. By agreeing to these terms, I understand that if I download and access the online course within 14 days of the purchase date, I waive my right to cancel the course and to receive a refund. If I wish to retain my right to cancel the course I agree not to download any of the course material or use any of the online tools, not listen to any of the digital mp3 material until the cancellation period (14 days) has ended.

5. I agree that all membership fees are non refundable and non transferable.

6. In the event of cancellation of any course/workshop/retreat or part thereof by Beyond Chocolate, I acknowledge that Beyond Chocolate will endeavour to inform me at least two weeks before the course or part thereof would have taken place, although I understand that this is not always possible (especially in relation to telephone seminar sessions). Beyond Chocolate will reimburse me in full for all course fees relating to the relevant course or part thereof I have paid up to and including the date of cancellation. I agree that Beyond Chocolate will not reimburse me in relation to any other costs that I may have incurred relating to my participation on the course, including without limitation travel, accommodation etc, nor for any part of the course in which I have already participated and/or has not been cancelled.

7. Where Beyond Chocolate varies the date of any course, I may request a refund if the new dates are not convenient for me and Beyond Chocolate will reimburse me in accordance with paragraph C(6) above.



1. All matters discussed or disclosed by me, including without limitation any medical information, during my participation in any course will not be attributed to me by name (unless I have expressly consented to such attribution) and, to the extent it includes personal data, will be used in accordance with Beyond Chocolate’s Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998.

2. I acknowledge that online support and telephone support course calls and telephone seminars and support emails may be recorded for Beyond Chocolate’s training and quality control purposes and may be offered to other course members to download and listen to. When this is the case I will be invited to participate without stating my name so as to remain anonymous if I so wish.

3. Further, I agree that Beyond Chocolate may share all matters discussed or disclosed by me with its officers, licensees and representatives. I will inform Beyond Chocolate if I wish my information to be provided anonymously.

4. I understand that, should I attend a Beyond Chocolate workshop course at any time during or following membership or telephone support course, Beyond Chocolate will not refer to my sessions or any information shared during those sessions during such workshop course.



1. I agree that Beyond Chocolate is not responsible for any liabilities that may arise in relation to my use of or reliance on the information or materials provided to me on the course/membership.

2. Nothing in this agreement is intended to exclude liability for death and/or personal injury other than to the extent permitted by law.

3. Information on Beyond Chocolate’s web site and the courses/membership may contain links or references to other sites. Other sites may contain links or references to Beyond Chocolate’s website but I understand Beyond Chocolate does not endorse, and is not responsible for, any product or service offered by any entity other than Beyond Chocolate.


Intellectual Property

1. All course/workshop/retreat and membership materials and information provided to me are owned and controlled by Beyond Chocolate and may be varied by Beyond Chocolate at any time. I may not copy, edit, distribute, sell and/or use any part of the course or materials in any way other than as expressly permitted and instructed by Beyond Chocolate during my participation in the course. I acknowledge and agree that Beyond Chocolate will assert its intellectual and other property rights as the owner and controller of the course should I breach this term and I will be liable for all costs and damages that may arise as a result of such breach on an indemnity basis.

2. I hereby grant Beyond Chocolate an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, worldwide license of all rights, title and interest (including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights however arising and in whatever media throughout the world), in all ideas and/or materials I disclose during any course/membership activity (whether orally, in writing or electronically) and waive any and all moral rights in respect thereof. I agree that Beyond Chocolate will not return to me any such materials and any such ideas and material will not be treated as confidential (subject to paragraph D(1)) and Beyond Chocolate may use them within future courses/membership activities and/or in any other manner whatsoever.


Governing Law

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales and any dispute shall be governed by the courts of England.

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